Providing a space that is both, functional as well as a translation of who the artist is, were two key components of the design and construction process for the artist studio.  The Russell Hall Artist Studio was a full service project where our team provided architecture, interior design, structural design and construction services.  From the metal fabricated lotus brackets for the interior structural beam connections, to the powder coated decorative scuppers providing an elegant yet functional way of dispersing rainwater, our design + construct approach allowed our team to create a functional work space with a high level of detailed design not typically seen in everyday residential construction.

Finding the correct location of the artist studio was critical as it would need to compliment the existing home and detached garage, while blending naturally with the already beautiful landscaped yard and capturing a view of the lake if at all possible.


Picture 230 It was determined that the location of the studio would be approximately 12’ from the owner’s residence, just to the side of the existing entry sidewalk to the home.  Determining factors included:  1) placing the studio in front of the home, would soften the blank wall of the front façade, creating a sense of balance between the home and studio.  2) The owner’s request not to block any view of the landscaping features along the entry drive while viewing from the second story of the home.  3)  The possibility of capturing a view of the lake from the second story office space in the studio along the side yard property of the lot.


Scene5 Scene1

Above are a few early concepts of the proposed studio space.  The use of 3d modeling enables the client to have an easier time visualizing the design.  As architects, this modeling tool allows us to share with the client many different views from one model.   As part of the design intent on this option, the wall of high windows butting up to the soffit  gives the roof a floating appearance as well as allowing light into the space without losing usable wall space to either paint or display artwork.



Scene2 Scene3

Above are the final design models.  The models help give a good indication to the client what they can expect the final product to look like prior to construction.  A distinctive smooth panel rain screen wall system was used to emphasize the work space/gallery space of the studio.  The exterior façade of the  loft and workroom space uses similar materials and paint colors to the existing home, tying the two structures together.  As part of the interior function, it was a necessity to create a clean open space that can serve as a space to paint multiple pieces of art or displaying as a gallery space for visitors.  Through design discussions with our structural team, we created a floating glu-lam structural system with a single powder coated steel post to handle the load of the entire roof space, allowing for a large open multi-functional space.


We have broken ground and are in the early stages of construction, prepping the site for utility connection locations and foundation footings and stem walls. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Onsite welding fabrication was necessary to make sure the post connections and brackets fit into place smoothly.  This eliminated any error to the connection of the posts to the complex structural roof system.


It is an exciting day as we had the custom powder coated spiral stairway delivered and installed into place!  It is great to see the space starting to come together.

P1000502-800 P1020169

Project Complete!

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