We were approached by the Hitchcock family to help restore a property that has been part of their history for over 60 years. The existing structure was in shambles: the majority of the home was unstable due to rot and undersized framing. An existing streambed couldn’t be disturbed, and property codes didn’t allow for much expansion.

Challenge: Accepted.

project1 project2

In order to understand our parameters for the project, we began the process by doing a feasibility study on the property as well as creating a set of documents for the existing home.  Working with the county, we came to the conclusion that we would be able to make the project happen as long as it continued as a remodel/addition that kept at least the floor and a few exterior walls.  This was great news, as we now knew we had achieved a large milestone in the process that allowed us to begin designing the new home.

project3 This early concept design was presented to the client. Because the lower level was the location of the sleeping quarters, we proposed a bridge access to the second level where the public spaces (living room/kitchen/dining) were. In order to preserve the streambed, we proposed a support system for the entire house using concrete post/stemwalls and footings at each corner in place of the existing tree stumps. Steel beams were also used to suspend to each post/pad to eliminate the traditional foundation system. In order to maximize the 27’x27’ footprint, we were able to create 2 levels and a loft space to bring us just under the maximum allowable height limit.
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During the design development phase, we brought the interior designer on board to create the unique interior details that pulled together the traditional architectural elements with the modern design and materials emphasized by the family. As design development neared completion, the contractor joined the team for the estimating and construction phase of the project.  As the design process progressed, the future home became known as the Jewel House for its simplistic cube-shaped exterior, and the intricate interior spaces.

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Above is an early photo of the demo work leaving two exterior walls and the original floor system.  We sistered joists to the existing floor in order to bring the structure up to code.  This also allowed us to appropriately level the floor system. This is a photo of the front facade and a temporary bridge during rough framing stage of construction.
project8 project9
Here you can see how we mixed two different Eldorado Stone styles, doubling the number of stone patterns. Blending the two patterns together with a bit of different saturation in color made for a cost-effective, beautiful natural stone appearance.The picture above shows the stone being applied to the built-in cabinetry. Installation of the Shaker-style wood cabinets with a natural finish to go along with a tiled backsplash and stainless steel appliances.
project10 project11
Construction of the bridge to the front entry.  The use of powder coated steel, the cable rail system and the use of heavy timber construction blends traditional and modern architecture. PROJECT COMPLETE!

Services: remodel/addition
Location: Olympia, Thurston County